I just returned from a speaking tour across the amazing continent of Australia that was simply amazing. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and fun, but more importantly than that, it was a wonderful reminder of how much we all have in common—so much more than we usually take time to explore.

No matter where in the world we may find ourselves, the people are funny, flawed, and fantastic. And though we may do things differently, at heart we’re all basically the same.

The world teaches us to seek differences before similarities and that’s a core reason we just tackled the topic of building community and establishing unity. There’s an ongoing need for all of us to focus on our shared humanity. Let’s keep the conversation alive!

In June I met with hundreds of new people and asked them to trust me – a complete stranger – with their hopes, fears and desires for healing. And miraculously, they all did. When we create safe places for ourselves and for those around us to simply be who and how they are, hearts quickly connect. It didn’t matter that I’d never been to Australia or that I’d never met those beautiful people face-to-face before our seminars. It didn’t matter that they didn’t really “know” me. The instant our hearts opened to each other we were all the same.

Once people truly connect, and we allow our hearts to feel and know others more deeply, we carry them with us always. What an amazing gift! I will always carry those beautiful souls and the special moments we shared.

Many thanks to Australia for reminding me that even from half way around the world we are all connected. We are one.

– Amanda