Searching for happiness? Well search no more. The Enlighten happiness taskforce has been busy combing the internet for the absolute best resources for getting happy, and we’re thrilled to share our top finds. Being happy shouldn’t be a drag! Grab your favorite citrus oil, breathe deep, and take a dive into one of these awesome ideas:


  1. Positive Psychology Reading List

Featuring 12 favorite reads from the top positive-psychology researchers today, this list from live happy magazine is a winner! Our favorites are Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness and Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel GIlbert.

The father of the positive psychology movement, Martin E. Seligman, is also well represented in the list. We recommend his What You Can Change and What You Can’t: The Complete Guide to Successful Self-Improvement as well.


  1. Happy Apps

If reading isn’t necessarily your idea of a good time, try playing with the ideas on Superbetter and Happify. Both are science-based and fun-filled programs that give you (and your kids!) a creatively structured approach to improving your outlook on life.

Gamer kids can especially relate to the format and “quests” on Superbetter. Don’t miss creator Jane McGonigal’s super-inspiring TED talk about how game concepts can be applied to lift moods from the mopes, and even from depression.


  1. Make a Move / Join the Movement

Though the official “Day of Happiness 2017” has past, every day can be a little more joyful thanks to the simple suggestions and downloads available from their website. Sign the “Action for Happiness” pledge, get your copy of the 10 Keys to Happiness Guidebook, and join the worldwide movement to feel good by doing good. When we get happy, the whole world wins!