Are you a mom? Did you have a mom? Either way, you likely know a little something about the emotional energies surrounding mothers!

None of us is a perfect parent, and none of our mothers were either. But we all carry something from Mom that makes us who we are. Maybe you’re got her sense of humor, or her grit. Perhaps it was her sense of style or keen intellect. We all got something worth honoring.

Perhaps you honor your mom on Mother’s Day with a call, some flowers, or a visit to her favorite restaurant for a big family breakfast in her honor. You can also honor your relationship with Douglas Fir essential oil. Take a peaceful, private moment and inhale deeply from an opened bottle of Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir helps you to learn from and value others’ experiences, especially your family and ancestors.

A peaceful moment with Douglas Fir may bring to mind many ways your mom has influenced you. Did she always wear lipstick—even in pajamas? You may have laughed (or rolled your eyes) then—but do you always pull Rosy Red from your purse when you head out the door? Does your family love your meatloaf—that you learned to make from mom? Do you sing the same lullaby to your toddler that she sang to you? Douglas Fir can bring to mind patterns from the past that touch your heart, and that you may want to pass on. Your mom’s love for black-and-white movies and root beer floats can be the basis for great family nights at your house!

Douglas Fir teaches that each generation can be a gift of new life, new growth, and new beginnings. You can discard the habits you learned from your mom that don’t serve you now. You can also honor the traits and idiosyncrasies that make your mom who she is, and that carry forward in you. Let the deep, forest scent of Douglas Fir bring peace and honor into your relationship with your mom.