Scientific studies have established that the number one factor in having a happy life is having healthy relationships with others – and the broader our network, the better! Reaching out, connecting, being in community: these are the keys to a peaceful life and a peaceful world!

But when we fear being hurt, humiliated, or disregarded by others, (or we tune in to the evening news) sometimes all we want to do is withdraw. If you find yourself feeling separate, scared, or lonely, it may be because you’ve cut yourself off from friends, family, and community.

Give yourself a loving assist back into the human community by trying Cedarwood essential oil, the Oil of Community.

Several times a day, take a few deep breaths of Cedarwood as you picture yourself supported by a friendship and as a vital part of a community founded on genuine goodness and give and take. Cedarwood encourages feelings of belonging and helps your heart to open and receive the love and support of other people.

If you feel a fear of rejection and a reluctance to trust others, let Marjoram, the Oil of Connection, lend a hand.

Marjoram’s a wonderful oil for those times you sense emotional distance. It can help to restore trust and open the heart so that you enter new experiences with hope and the best assumptions of others, and to create environments where true bonds of love and friendship can grow. Before meeting new people, visiting a new city, or when you feel anxious about security in the world, diffuse Marjoram or apply it over the chest. Then simply spend a moment with your intention to feel safe and loved.

Creating community is the answer to world’s big problems.

And it’s often the answer to that sense of lack we feel in our own lives.

If you sense that you may be holding back and missing out on the joy and inclusion of community, let the powerful properties essential oils be your guide. Try Cedarwood and Marjoram to help experience the strength of groups and the joy of true relationships.