Our Mission


Here at Essential Emotions (formerly Enlighten Healing), we assist individuals in transformative healing and in discovering their true, authentic selves. We believe that healing comes from the inside-out and that it originates in our relationship with the Divine. Our mission is to enlighten souls through truth by offering quality products.

Our Story


The team at Enlighten Healing came together through a mutual commitment to emotional healing.  As certified facilitators of emotional healing and students of a variety of energy modalities, we were intrigued by the effects of oils on the heart and mind.

Our oil descriptions are garnered in multiple ways. We gather information through research on the botanical properties, physical uses and symbolic properties of the oils themselves, and take note as the characteristics of each oil are manifested through personal and professional use. We also look to research and clinical studies conducted by countless others on the mind-body benefits experienced through using essential oils.

In 2018, Enlighten Healing became Essential Emotions, LLC. under the care of Andy & Natalie Goddard. The book title changed from Emotions and Essential Oils to Essential Emotions. New sections were added to address Body Systems and Emotions.

Daniel Mcdonald, Sarah McCann, Amanda Porter, Charles Call

Our Bestseller

Originally published in 2012, our best-selling emotional reference guide, Emotions & Essential Oils has become a favorite for both professional healers and casual users hoping to better understand the emotional aspects of essential oils.

In the book we detail each oil with profound insight and understanding of its innate properties and gifts, resulting in an easy-to-use guide that is as poetic as it is practical.