Here’s a simple and sure-fire way to make a difference in the world (and improve your own life) with little or no effort at all.

As you go through your busy day—encountering people at the grocery story, post office, PTA, or in the office—try telling yourself some Alternate Stories!


Alternate Stories is a technique whereby you

     1) Notice the negative snap judgments you (we all) make when we encounter others;

     2) Immediately pick a label the opposite of the one that just came to mind;

     3) React toward the person as if the second label were true.



You see a new woman at your book-club get-together. Though you’ve been at the event for over 15 minutes, she hasn’t even looked your way.

Snap Judgment: Stuck up.

Alternate Story: My, she’s brave. Trying to meet new people even though she’s obviously shy. I’ll go introduce myself.


You see a young man in dirty clothes coming out of the grocery store with a six-pack of beer and a small bag of groceries.

Snap Judgment: Kids! All they care about is having a good time.

Alternate Story: There’s a guy who works hard! Probably had to work overtime and now he’s hurrying home for a get-together with some friends. Hope they have a good time!


Assuming an Alternate Story affects the vibrations you send out to people and totally changes the face you present to them. If you have the opportunity to nod, smile, or speak a sincere greeting, you’ll most likely be astonished at the vibe and response you get back.


And better yet, with Alternate Stories your community will be filled with unusual, interesting people you’re dying to meet – in no time at all. Some may disappoint, some may delight, but either way, you

     1) Meet fear in your head

     2) Vanquish it, and

     3) Take a heroic action.


You go game changer!

Thanks for changing your world.