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Honoring the mind-body connection allows us to holistically address illness and other patterns of imbalance. Optimum health and emotional well-being CAN be achieved as you learn to work with both the physical and emotional aspects of being well.

Enlighten’s best-selling tools for using essential oils for emotions include…

  • Authoritative descriptions of each oil’s emotional properties and specific benefits for emotional healing
  • Meaningful explanations of the science behind aromatherapy
  • Practical suggestions for using oils day-to-day
  • Guidelines to help facilitate emotional breakthroughs
  • Resources for selecting companion oils, building emotions-based blends, and finding real solutions for everyday emotional needs
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Ground-Breaking Foundation


Enlighten’s world-renowned reference guide Emotions & Essential Oils was originally published in 2012, and remains the top-selling book on the subject.

Though essential oils are widely used for their physical benefits, a rare few truly understand the scope of their healing capabilities. Enlighten’s groundbreaking book bridges the knowledge gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils. It’s an in-depth yet user-friendly guide for taking charge of your emotional health.

Over 200,000 copies sold!

Latest Innovations


Based on the beloved oil descriptions included in Emotions & Essential Oils, our pocket-sized quick reference guide contains summaries of the core emotional benefits of each essential oil included in doTERRA’s ever-popular Home Essentials and Family Essentials enrollment kits + Wild Orange.

It also includes affirmations, positive and negative quick-reference guides, recommendations for using essential oils, and suggestions for creating unique blends for emotional support.

emotions & essential oils from Enlighten Healing